An algorithmic trading platform built with python and open source technologies

About Aleph

Aleph is a fork of the Zipline trading library, with the aim to extend the platform to support futures trading and live execution on your local machine. Live Execution requires the addtional Medici module which extends IbPy to include a more pythonic client.

This project would not be possible without the great team over at Quantopian who provided the majority of the code base. If you don't require alternative asset classes you should use either Zipline or the web based backtester which provides the data and execution (beta) through Interactive Brokers.

Upon solidifying support for futures and live execution, our aim is to integrate methods for robust strategy optimization though machine learning and statistics packages

Download Aleph

The source code for Aleph is available for download at the github link below. Building the source likely will not work, as the project is currently in an early alpha stage and hasn't been modified since forking from Zipline.

Visit Download Page


Feel free to email us to provide feedback on Aleph, give us suggestions on how to improve it or if you are interested in becoming a contributor.